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Wireless Communication
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Learn about the amazing wireless communication products available from The Cambridge Group.
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Davicom Logo

Davicom — (877) 282-3380

  • Davicom products remotely monitor and control remote transmitter sites, reducing operating costs, and downtime. These best-in-class, stand-alone monitoring and control units interface easily with virtually any type of remote site equipment and sensors, ensuring maximum flexibility and expandability. Click here for product selection guide.

Kenwood Viking Logo

Kenwood Viking —
(800) 328-3911

  • EFJohnson in Irving, Texas, knows a smarter way to P25. As your one-stop resource for P25, the EFJ team is completely focused on delivering the highest-quality, cost-effective, mission-critical communications solutions.

Kenwood Logo

Kenwood —
(800) 536-9663

Komutel Logo

Komutel —
(877) 225-9988

  • Komutel Inc, formally known as CVDS Inc, is a design-oriented company specializing in the development of telecommunications software, such as voice recorders, emergency notifications, call handling and reporting & analytics.

KWRR Radio Rentals Logo

KWRR Radio Rentals — (866) 801-6716 

  • KW Radio Rentals supplies the latest Kenwood two-way radios to authorized Kenwood radio dealers in the United States. Rental equipment when you need it.

Mindshare Logo


  • Advanced VoIP Based Communications Consoles
  • The Industry's Smallest Footprint
  • Fully Customizable GUI
  • No Central Electronics
  • Flexible, Scalable and Economic Dispatch Solutions for Virtually Any Application

Pyramid Communications Logo

Pyramid Communications —
(800) 485-2881

Raven Logo

Raven —
(755) 858-2400

  • For over 40 years Raven Electronics Corporation has quietly transformed the way we communicate. This engineering R & D company can not only enhance your communications systems today but will continue to provide leading-edge technology dedicated to saving you time, money and even lives! Click here for their powerful True Smartphone PTT Integration to legacy two-way radio systems.


Southern Territory Only

Pulse / Larsen Logo

Pulse/Larsen — (800) 268-3662

  • Antennas and Antenna Systems for LMR, Cellular/PCS, Wireless Data, OEM and GPS Applications
  • Portable, Mobile, and Base Station Applications
  • Short Run Cable Assemblies

Otto Logo

OTTO Communications
(888) 234-6886

  • Come to Otto for professional quality audio accessories headsets, low profile surveillance kits, or speaker microphones. We also feature a 15-month warranty! Check out Otto's catalog today!

Telewave, Inc. Logo

Telewave, Inc. —
(800) 331-3396

  • Founded in 1972, Telewave is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality radio system equipment. Products include combiners, multi-couplers, filters, base antennas, cavities, and duplexers. Our products are American-made, and we have the quickest on-time delivery record in the industry. Telewave supports two-way radio, cellular/PCS, SMR, GSM, trunking, paging, and broadcast.