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Why You Should Join EWA
(Enterprise Wireless Alliance)

In wireless, your business is impacted by changes in spectrum access, regulatory updates, shifting license requirements, and an ever-increasing pace in technology advancements, which you must monitor — in parallel with the necessity to stay current with mandates from the FCC and other government agencies.

When you join EWA, you will gain access to the experience, knowledge, and influence of experts in matters of wireless spectrum and technology. EWA prides itself on being the authoritative voice for the wireless industry, taking actions that protect your current wireless investments as well as secure your rights to operate profitably in the future.

EWA Membership

There are no membership limitations. If you or your company is engaged in any facet of the wireless communications industry, you are welcome to become a voting member of EWA.

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Member Classifications

  • Wireless Sales and Service Provider (WSSP)
  • Open to Any Organization that Markets, Distributes, Sells, Maintains, or Services Wireless Communication Systems and Devices
  • Communication Service Providers
  • Open to Any Organization that Provides Communication Capabilities on a Private or Commercial Basis

Enterprise Wireless Alliance Logo

Business Enterprises

EWA is open to any organization that relies on voice and data wireless communications infrastructure and devices to promote productivity, customer service, competitiveness, internal communications, and employee or public safety.


EWA is also open to any organization that manufactures or produces wireless communication systems, components and ancillary devices, equipment, and software. These members may also provide consulting, engineering, and other support services, or be engaged in direct consumer sales.

Membership Benefits

Wireless Sales and Service Provider (WSSP) / Communication Service Providers

  • Membership in EWA is covered by 100% co-op by most radio manufacturers.
  • EWA compliance assistance service streamlines your FCC and federal filings such as the CPNI, FCC Form 477, and annual regulatory fees.
  • Spectrum Consulting for effective spectrum deployment by reviewing your business and your customers' licenses to facilitate their upgrade to a new system, avoid penalties and arrange the transition to narrowband.
  • Member fees on all of the spectrum solutions and licensing business.
  • Participate in EWA advocacy positions of EWA by participating in the EWA Regulatory Teleconference.
  • The Enterprise Wireless Insider® e-newsletter with information on FCC enforcement and regulatory actions.
  • Receive special WSSP pricing when you participate in the Enterprise Wireless Solutions Center®.
  • Access a Narrowband Sales Lead Report with the public safety and industrial/business licensees that have not migrated to a narrowband emission.
  • Reduced registration rates for the annual Enterprise Wireless conference.

Business Enterprise Membership

  • EWA can keep you informed about advances in digital technology and advise you on equipment purchases.
  • With nearly 100,000 licenses currently under management, EWA can be trusted with your annual license review, analysis, and recommended solutions to ensure you are current and comply with mandates like narrowbanding.
  • Custom Analysis and Recommendations on the Right Spectrum for Your Wireless System Requirements
  • Advocacy for Your Rights Before the FCC, Congress, and Other Regulatory Agencies
  • Access to the EWA Regulatory Teleconference and Advocacy Bulletins
  • Enterprise Wireless Insider® E-Newsletter with Washington and FCC News and Insights
  • Frequency Coordination and Licensing Assistance at Favorable Rates
  • Access to the Enterprise Wireless Solutions Center® to Find the Latest Wireless Products and Services
  • Reduced Registration Rates for the Annual Enterprise Wireless Conference


  • Promote your Products and Services Directly to Major Sales/Service Providers and Business Buyers
  • Participate in the Enterprise Wireless Solutions Center® (for an Additional Fee)
  • Rely on the Spectrum Solutions Division for Competitive Spectrum Strategies on New Products and Regional Network Deployments
  • Advertise in the Enterprise Wireless Insider® Bi-Weekly E-Newsletter, and Other Promotional Vehicles
  • Be Included in RFPs Developed Under EWA's Wireless Advisory Services Program
  • Monitor Regulatory Issues of Consequence to your Customers by Participating in the Regulatory Teleconference
  • Member Pricing for Marketing Intelligence Reports about New Spectrum and Licensee Activity
  • Reduced Member Rates for Exhibit Space at the Annual Enterprise Wireless Conference